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Fluids Research Group

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Current Research

  • CFD of single and multiphase flows

  • Contact line dynamics 

Representative publication:  Sui, Yi, Hang Ding, and Peter DM Spelt. "Numerical simulations of flows with moving contact lines." Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics 46 (2014): 97-119.

Representative publication:  Castrejón-Pita, José Rafael, Alfonso Arturo Castrejón-Pita, Sumeet Suresh Thete, Krishnaraj Sambath, Ian M. Hutchings, John Hinch, John R. Lister, and Osman A. Basaran. "Plethora of transitions during breakup of liquid filaments." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112, no. 15 (2015): 4582-4587

  • Flows with particles and capsules

Representative publication:  Ji, C., A. Munjiza, E. Avital, J. Ma, and J. J. R. Williams. "Direct numerical simulation of sediment entrainment in turbulent channel flow." Physics of Fluids 25, no. 5 (2013): 056601.

  • Fluid-structure interaction problems in wind and hydro power generation
  • Cardiovascular flows and biological transport 
  • Complex fluid interfaces

Vidal, A., and L. Botto. "Slip flow past a gas–liquid interface with embedded solid particles." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 813 (2017): 152-174.

  • High-speed aerodynamics
  • Acoustics 
  • Rotating flows (by Prof. R. Lingwood)
  • Hybrid continuum-molecular simulations

Representative publication: Korotkin, Ivan, et al. "A hybrid molecular dynamics/fluctuating hydrodynamics method for modelling liquids at multiple scales in space and time." The Journal of chemical physics 143.1 (2015): 014110.


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