Welcome to the Fluids Research Group

The Fluids Research Group at Queen Mary University of London brings together scientists and engineers interested in fluid mechanics and transport phenomena within the College. Members of the group work on a variety of topics, ranging from microscale fluid dynamics to large scale flow phenomena. The aim of the group is to foster collaboration, facilitate training in the discipline of fluid mechanics, and maximise the impact of fluid mechanics on global engineering, health, and environmental challenges.

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Special Interest Groups.

Queen Mary University of London hosts the following Special Interest groups Meetings of the UK Fluids Network:

These SIGs are part of the wider UK Fluids Network.

The SIG will establish a new branch of fluid mechanics research, bringing together experts in fluid mechanics and materials scientists to tackle important challenges in the area of advanced materials. The SIG will identify relevant scientific questions, organise training activities, and form a network to reply promptly to relevant funding calls.